Interesting Life

Interesting life, here in the Low Country of South Carolina. Things are changing and I am somewhat resistant. I want it to remain slow and easy, rural, a different kind of place. I love to just stand out at the Gay Fish Company docks on Sunday when no one is around and smell the marsh, let the wind blow my hair around, wait for a mink to pop it’s head out from under the old gas shack. I never have been able to get a photo of one but I like them just the same. I realize I cannot capture a photo of everything. Some things I just experience and keep a picture of them in my mind.

Amber Waves   Click the link to see a recent photo titled Amber Waves. It’s the name of the boat in the photo. I will have to contact my web genius but I have to wait until morning because she is tired from having her Grandma visit this week.:-)

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