Fence Points the Way

A fence always seems to add to a landscape. This one is on the way to the Thomas Heyward cemetery, near Coosawatchee, South Carolina. I would get a PO box there to have this place as my address but, alas, there is no longer a post office there. This is such a fascinating road, the start of it has a small business that fills and repairs fire extinguishers of all things. I call it the fire extinguisher graveyard because there are piles of the things. Then the short road is surrounded with great live oaks, dripping with moss and it ends at the Thomas Heyward cemetery. I almost can’t go past this road. Once I was there photographing on this road and it started to rain, so I jumped in the car with camera still around my neck. I pulled forward and there was a fox which looked at me and dashed across in front of me. I did take its picture in which one can see a fox clearly…but it made me laugh out loud to be driving the car in the rain with the camera on taking its picture. Now I go there hoping to see it.


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