About Me

I am an adventurous photographer, living in the Low Country of South Carolina, tromping around the marshes, floating on the rivers, walking about old cemeteries and creepy places. I take photos of all kinds of things,…. although the marsh, the expansive, beautiful marsh with its waves of sweet grass is my favorite thing. I like to capture people doing things that they do here in the rural low country, working on boats, playing by the ocean, fishing, swimming, weaving baskets, selling their wares.  I am truly blessed to live in a place on earth which I love, a place of my heart, with the scent of moss and pluff mud, sea food and salt air. It is my home sweet home. Here on this website I hope to share my love for the sea islands with you my visitors. I have many more images than show on this website. If you click on one of those little boxes that say cart…you will be transported to my print on demand site at Fine Art America. There you can choose from my many images and even pick out mats and frames and see exactly how they will look when shipped to you.